FREE Wedding Suit or Tux for the Groom [see details]


  • NEW!  FREE GROOM INCENTIVE! (up to a $400+ Value)

    How would you like to receive your Groom's Tuxedo or Suit, and accessories, for FREE? Brand new & yours to keep! Be the first (and only) to wear your brand new suit or tuxedo!







* Neckwear: you can select either a bow tie or necktie
* Jewelry: includes a 6-piece boxed studs & cufflinks set

Optional: additional items such as pocket squares, suspenders, shoes, socks, cummerbunds, belts or tie clips are also available and can qualify for the FREE GROOM INCENTIVE. See Requirements below.

Good News!  The FREE GROOM INCENTIVE PROGRAM is not limited to only certain styles or colors. You, as the groom, and your groomsmen can select any BLACKTIE styles/colors. Let's have some fun picking out your suits or tuxes!


    To qualify for your free groom incentive, there must be 5 or more other wedding party members purchasing their outfits from BLACKTIE. You have the opportunity to receive FREE groom items based on what your wedding party members purchase from BLACKTIE. For example, if 5 or more members purchase a jacket, your 6th jacket (groom's jacket) is FREE. If 5 or more members purchase pants, your 6th pants (groom's pants) are FREE. If 5 or more members purchase a shirt, your 6th shirt (groom's shirt) is FREE. If 5 or more members purchase a vest or neckwear, your 6th vest or neckwear (groom's vest or neckwear) is FREE. And so on! As long as 5 items within a product category are purchased, then you can can receive the 6th item for FREE!

    We absolutely love seeing grooms wearing their BLACKTIE outfits! Please be sure to send us a few pics after your wedding! Congratulations!

    How to Claim Your FREE GROOM INCENTIVE:
    After your wedding, simply fill out the FREE GROOM INCENTIVE FORM and we will then reimburse the price of the groom items back to your credit card. Quick, easy, and cash immediately back to your credit card!

    Groom Incentive FAQ's:
    Have additional questions? Please feel free to check out our GROOM INCENTIVE FAQ's or give us a call at 888.349.4004 (live chat also available during business hours).