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Cufflinks & Studs

Okay, we're going to start off with the facts here. If wearing a suit, cufflinks & studs are not technically required; however, if wearing a tuxedo, you probably (definitely) want to pick up a set of these bad boys - that is if you want to do it right (we're not judging you, but other people probably will). 

With that being said, all of our cufflink & stud sets come in an attractive box (that is great for storage), with a 6-piece set that contains 4 studs and 2 cufflinks. 

Premium fabrics included to make the sets include polished enamels and semi-precious stones, such as: onyx and mother of pearl. These options give an elegant and overall classic appearance. 

The studs within the set are able to be worn on all of our BLACKTIE shirts (if desired). And pair well with other accessories

If you need any further information or any questions, see our FAQs. And feel free to contact us directly.