FREE Wedding Suit or Tux for the Groom [see details]


Neckties are a real focal point of a gentleman's outfit, so choosing wisely is a must. And with over 500 options for you to easily navigate through, we would say your odds are pretty good. All of our neckties are made with premium quality fabrics and are adjustable for comfort. 

Shop from a variety of colors, patterns and materials to match your vest and pocket square and complete any tuxedo ensemble. Should you decide to keep things simple or add some flair, neckties are available in solid shades, bright colors, and fun patterns to really make that suit or dress shirt pop. 

Hey brides, grooms, wedding party, and everything in between... you might want to check this out. Let's say you already have your wedding and bridal party colors in mind or maybe you're ready to go, by using our "designer matching tool," you can find your designer and coordinate your colors with BLACKTIE's colors for an effortless match! If you're still in some need for inspiration, our "color guide" is a great place to start as well. Order up to 12 swatches to see (and get excited) for yourself. 

If you have any questions, see our FAQs or reach out to us directly.