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Bow Ties

When it comes to a gentleman's outfit (formal or casual), a bow tie specifically, then consider it a major focal point of said outfit. 

Our bow ties are crafted from premium quality fabrics and are adjustable for comfort making them both stylish and comfortable. With over 500 options of different patterns, colors and fabrics to choose from, the odds are definitely in your favor. 

BLACKTIE bow ties are available in corresponding colors and patterns to easily match your vest or cummerbund and is a great final touch to any suited or tuxedo ensemble. 

Dressing up a bow tie for a formal or classic event (such as a wedding, gala, red carpet, etc.) is simple, but wearing a bow tie in casual dress or to just spice up an outfit is a lot more common these days. So, your BLACKTIE bow tie doesn't have to see the darkness of your wardrobe once worn. 

For those getting married, going to prom or attending any special event where you might need to match your bow tie to others or a date, you'll find our "color guide" to be of great assistance! It is here you can browse through all of BLACKTIE's colors and find that perfect match. 

If you have any questions, see our FAQs or reach out to us directly.