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Some say that accessories are what can either make or break an outfit. Well here at BLACKTIE, we like to think that accessories are a way to enhance an already stylish outfit. 

Adding accessories, such as: suspenders, garment bags, socks, lapel flowers, tie bars and scarves might seem silly, but they all contribute to the completion of the look. 

Suspenders are great at keeping your pants in a comfortable (and safe) position, the addition of a tie bar on your necktie keeps things in order, while the simplicity of a lapel flower on your jacket helps to accentuate your pocket square. 

Browsing and selecting which accessories will coordinate best with your BLACKTIE look as never been easier by using our filter below. Narrow your search down by specifics for a quick and narrowed search. 

For inspiration on how others are styling their BLACKTIE accessories, shop our Instagram. And don't hesitate to check out our FAQs or contact us directly with any questions.