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Our 100% premium cotton shirts are lightweight, breathable and comfortable so that you can dance the night away, pose for a thousand pictures, or frankly, just attend any event comfortably. 

Our shirts are available in both regular fit and slim fit, and have a Flex Fit Collar that is expandable up to an inch for easy adjustments. They also have break-stitch resistant buttons and single-needle tailoring that showcase the small (but quality) details of premium craftsmanship. 

The convertible buttonholes on our shirts allow you to wear your BLACKTIE shirt with our without studs. With three color options to choose from, these shirts make styling accessories easy! BLACKTIE shirts lay nicely underneath any jacket and are able to be worn with a necktie, bow tie or even open for a more casual look. 

For inspiration on how others are styling their BLACKTIE shirts, shop our Instagram. And don't hesitate to check out our FAQs or reach out to us with any questions.