Inventory Alert: Getting Married in Fall/Winter 2021?

FALL & WINTER 2021 / Inventory Alert

Date of Notice: August 10, 2021

In 2021, inventory control & planning has been challenging. The recent increased demand over the past couple months have caused inventory shortages in the formal wear industry. Our inventory (which was supposed to last through the rest of 2021) is getting exhausted relatively quickly. In addition to wedding parties ordering our suits & tuxedos, we now have tuxedo stores placing bulk orders with us due to inventory shortages from other manufacturers.

Although we have our accessories (shirts, vests, neckwear, etc) replenishment order coming in August/September, our next jackets/pants orders are not scheduled to arrive until December 2021 / January 2022. (NOTE: delays in customs/logistics could even push this shipment back into February, but we won't realize that until closer to delivery time).

On a positive note, our jackets/pants inventory is relatively good in most styles at the time of this writing; however, we don't want wedding parties to experience too many holes in inventory come later in the year. If you are a groom or wedding party that wants to get your suits/tuxedos with, we strongly urge you place your orders as soon as possible while there is still inventory available.

If you don't place your orders soon and you plan to wait until later in the Fall/Winter to place your order, there is a good chance that your preferred sizes may not be in stock. We are providing this warning because we don't want wedding parties to have an unpleasant experience due to inventory issues. If you are a bride or groom planning a Fall/Winter 2021 wedding & your plan was to wait until later in the Fall to place your orders, we encourage you to consider other options. Obviously, we don't like steering business away, but we also feel that the best way to provide exceptional service is to be as transparent as possible.

We anticipate (and are hoping) that supply chain expectations return to normal in 2022. Until then, plan on 2021 being a year that is a little more difficult to secure inventory (not just in formal wear, but in many industries).

We hope that you consider purchasing your wedding suits or tuxedos from; however, once again, please keep the inventory warning in mind when making your decision.