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2023 / Inventory Alert

UPDATE: January 9, 2023

As we mentioned in our prior announcement, we will not be getting any replenishment items until Spring 2023. We wanted to provide a more detailed update. It looks like we have new BLACK TUXEDO styles scheduled to arrive in May/June 2023. However, the new shipments of SUITS (in all colors) are not expected to arrive until Fall/Winter 2023.

For individuals who need suits or tuxedos, please feel free to check our online inventory to see if items are in stock. If your size(s) are in stock, you are welcome to place your order online.

*** If you are a group or wedding party and need multiple suits or tuxedos for your group, we recommend that you DO NOT order with us in 2023 since inventory levels are still not optimal.

UPDATE: June 15, 2022

Our overseas factory that makes jacket & pants is still backlogged with orders; they informed us that they cannot produce any more jackets & pants until Spring 2023 (yes, that is not a typo -- Spring 2023). We still have a few thousand suits and tuxedos in our warehouse now; however, our stock levels are much lower than normal. For this reason, we are advising brides & grooms to NOT use for their wedding party attire if the wedding is in 2022.

If you already had some of your guys order their suits or tuxedos, we HIGHLY encourage you to get the rest of your guys in your wedding party to order ASAP while inventory is still in stock. Inventory has been depleting very rapidly over the past couple months.

If you are curious to see if an item is in stock, try putting it in your online shopping cart. If you can add it to your cart, it is available. If you cannot add the size to your cart, it means that particular size is no longer in stock.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused in planning for your wedding attire. We hope to have the inventory situation resolved later in 2023.

UPDATE: April 18, 2022

Hooray! We finally got confirmation that trucks are dropping off our containers to our warehouse this Thursday, 4/21/22 (later than we expected, but better late than never!) ... On Thursday/Friday & the beginning of next week, we plan on shipping out all the backorders (there's a lot of them). After we ship out the backorders, we will then upload the remaining inventory quantities to the website. Although a lot of inventory is coming in, it will deplete rapidly due to existing backorders & the current formal wear shortage. Please keep this in mind if you are a bride or groom planning for a wedding party.

SUGGESTION: we can already tell our inventory is going to get gobbled up quickly by prom kids over the next month or two. For this reason, we encourage brides/grooms to try to order all the suits/tuxes as soon as possible. Otherwise, there is a good chance that many sizes/styles will no longer be available for Spring/Summer/Fall 2022 Weddings.

UPDATE: January 17, 2022

We checked in with our supplier today & they said that our large production order should be completed within 2 weeks (this is good!) ... it then takes about a month to travel on the water which puts delivery in March 2022. However, we are not in the clear yet. As I'm sure you've seen on the news over the past few months, it is not uncommon for containers to be detained at customs. We are hoping we receive our containers without any hiccups, but unfortunately there are no guarantees on something like this. Anyone who says otherwise is fibbing. We are still standing by our initial warning -- if your event is in April 2022 or earlier & you need to order items for a whole wedding party, we don't advise ordering from us based on the uncertainty of when containers will be arriving. If you still want to roll the dice with us, we strongly encourage you to have a backup plan. We just don't want to let down any wedding parties as everyone is navigating the challenges with the supply chain.

UPDATE: November 27, 2021

We projected back in August that inventory delays were going to be inevitable. It now looks like our next production shipment is scheduled to arrive in March 2022. However, we still cannot predict at this time how long the delays will be at ports. For this reason, we can't guarantee that our shipments will even be arriving by April 2022. For this reason, if your wedding is April 2022 or earlier, we advise that you do not have your wedding party gets suits/tuxedos through us. (EXCEPTION: if you want to try to get all your guys in your wedding party to order at once NOW and the items are in stock NOW, you can do that. However, we don't recommend individual members trying to get suits at different times. Inventory is depleting too rapidly due to the formal wear shortage & chances are the suits/tuxedos will not be available in the weeks or months to come.

ADVICE: whether you are trying to get suits/tuxedos through us or another company, please be aware that there is the possibility of unexpected delays and you should have backup plans in place in case scheduled shipments do not arrive when anticipated.

Date of Notice: August 10, 2021

In 2021, inventory control & planning has been challenging. The recent increased demand over the past couple months have caused inventory shortages in the formal wear industry. Our inventory (which was supposed to last through the rest of 2021) is getting exhausted relatively quickly. In addition to wedding parties ordering our suits & tuxedos, we now have tuxedo stores placing bulk orders with us due to inventory shortages from other manufacturers.

Although we have our accessories (shirts, vests, neckwear, etc) replenishment order coming in August/September, our next jackets/pants orders are not scheduled to arrive until December 2021 / January 2022. (NOTE: delays in customs/logistics could even push this shipment back into February, but we won't realize that until closer to delivery time).

On a positive note, our jackets/pants inventory is relatively good in most styles at the time of this writing; however, we don't want wedding parties to experience too many holes in inventory come later in the year. If you are a groom or wedding party that wants to get your suits/tuxedos with, we strongly urge you place your orders as soon as possible while there is still inventory available.

If you don't place your orders soon and you plan to wait until later in the Fall/Winter to place your order, there is a good chance that your preferred sizes may not be in stock. We are providing this warning because we don't want wedding parties to have an unpleasant experience due to inventory issues. If you are a bride or groom planning a Fall/Winter 2021 wedding & your plan was to wait until later in the Fall to place your orders, we encourage you to consider other options. Obviously, we don't like steering business away, but we also feel that the best way to provide exceptional service is to be as transparent as possible.

We anticipate (and are hoping) that supply chain expectations return to normal in 2022. Until then, plan on 2021 being a year that is a little more difficult to secure inventory (not just in formal wear, but in many industries).

We hope that you consider purchasing your wedding suits or tuxedos from; however, once again, please keep the inventory warning in mind when making your decision.