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Wedding Tuxedos

Whether you’re attending, being a spectator, or actually a part of a wedding… chances are you’re going to need a good quality tux. Wedding tuxedos are a major part of being a part of someone else’s or even your own special day; so, showing up in a great looking tuxedo only makes things that much better!

Finding the right wedding tuxedo can sometimes be challenging. Figuring out what color, style, fit, sizes, accessories, etc. work best for the individual can sometimes be confusing. But, here at BLACKTIE, we pride ourselves on not only offering great quality pieces, but also tons of options and helpful tips! For instance, our “Fit Guide” is an awesome place to help inquiring minds get some perspective on how specific items (that make up your wedding tuxedo) should be fitting. There is facts and tips that help guide and teach you how your wedding tuxedo should be fitting – by the end making you a total pro!

All BLACKTIE items are brand new and yours to own for your event and many events to come! Shop for tuxedos online from a vast selection of tuxedos, shirts, and accessories to complete a stylish, well-fitted and great quality wedding party tuxedo look. If you’re someone that likes to keep things simple, shop from our “pre-styled looks” section where we have rounded up a handful of suggested tuxedo looks - perfect for groom tuxedos, groomsmen tuxedos, dinner parties, and more -  that break down the items within the outfit for you to shop directly from (or customize your accessories choices should you choose to do so)! 

Weddings are always a special, magical and memorable day; so, why not make it truly count? By sporting BLACKTIE, you are able to engage, enjoy and dance the night away feeling not only comfortable in your wedding tuxedo, but confident.