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Men's Wedding Vest

With over 300 hundred different options to choose from, finding a men’s wedding vest has never been easier! Options from a range of different patterns, materials and of course colors make us confident that finding a vest to coordinate with any men’s wedding tuxedo or suit is sure to happen.

The men’s wedding vest has become quite a popular accessory when it comes to men’s wedding ensembles the last few years. Seeing them being worn in a classic black tie tuxedo look is of course always going to be around, but men are getting more experimental with their vests and we are loving the outcome!

Wedding vests are now not only seen being worn with typical tuxedos or suits like we mentioned, but with a pair of slacks, or becoming the main item for groomsmen vest inclusive wedding outfits; or even styling them with jeans! Some men like to style their wedding vest without the classic necktie or bow tie. These new-age wedding outfit styles are most popular when it comes to vineyard or outdoor themed weddings and although not traditional, when done correctly, it looks very fashionable.

This just shows how far not only fashion in general has come, but wedding fashion as well. Being able to select, shop and own specific pieces (such as a wedding vest) that allow you to feel confident and stylish when you put it on, it’s your wedding day or you’re just attending one, is such a good feeling that we here at BLACKTIE love providing that to all of our customers.