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Groom Tuxedos

“It’s her day, but it’s your day too. It isn’t stealing the spotlight if the spotlight is on both of you.” This is a quote we stand by here at BLACKTIE. Because when it comes to your wedding day, every groom should feel nothing short of comfortable, confident and ready to take on anything!

So, what is the biggest thing that can help all grooms and grooms-to-be out there accomplish this? Well, that is what finding the perfect groom tuxedo is about, of course. Finding the perfect tuxedo is a special task that so many luck grooms will experience leading up to their big day. There are so many wedding tuxedos for grooms to select from. But, when it comes to deciphering which suits (no pun intended) each groom best, well, that is completely individual to each groom’s preferences. Some grooms maybe be looking for their groom tuxedo to be a peak lapel, while others might prefer the look of a notch or shawl lapel. Some grooms might want their tux to be the standard black, while others want to play up their personal style by sporting a navy or steel grey tuxedo.

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Whichever route you choose, all of us here at BLACKTIE are here to help you feel confident, comfortable and ready to own the room in your groom tuxedo! With tons of tips to read up on in our “Style Guide,” pre-styled tuxedo looks and look books to help inspire just what you want your groom’s tux to look like, we have nothing but the upmost confidence that you will feel nothing less than incredible!