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Laura & Kyu - Stirling, NJ

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Laura & Kyu 

Stirling, NJ


Our Experience with BLACKTIE:

"It was amazing! Chris was very helpful. I got both black Milan tuxedo and a Merlot velvet jacket as well. My groomsmen wore the grey steel tuxedo. (My father in law actually ordered a black tuxedo for himself as well) They were so happy that it was theirs to keep not to rent, and couple of them got it tailored to fit them perfectly. (The sizes and the fit came in pretty spot on for most so it was great!!) except my best man who has pretty wide shoulders so he wasn’t sure about the slim fit. Haha. And I know couple guys who already wore the tuxedo couple times outside of our wedding. But overall it was amazing from customer service, to buying and delivery, everything was top notch! I kinda wish I had option of black tie when I was a groomsman (6 weddings as groomsman) had to rent each time and can’t remember having one rental that fit me perfectly as the off the rack tuxedo I ordered from you guys. I brought it to my tailor, and only thing he did was shorten the pants and sleeves a little. Everything fit perfectly. Thank you so much for awesome experience and taking a big stress out of dressing the groomsmen. (making sure everyone’s tuxedo s came in and fit if we were renting it from men’s warehouse or somewhere. )"

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What We Wore:
Jacket: Black Milan & Steel Grey Milan
Pants: Black Logan
Shirt: White Richard
Bow Tie: Black Luxury Satin