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The Ultimate Guide to Grooming

Everyone should know the basics (and at least be doing the basics) when it comes to grooming.

Keeping ourselves in order and looking like we have our stuff together, generally helps us to actually have our stuff together. In everyday life, whether it’s at our jobs, in school, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, going to an event, etc. most of us are doing our best to put our best foot forward. To walk into wherever it may be and Own. The. Room. Confidence absolutely comes from within, but whether we like it or not, appearance has something to do with it as well.

So, why shouldn’t grooming be a part of putting our best foot forward? At some point in our lives we all want to feel good about ourselves, look good, and maybe even impress someone else. The key to that is being happy with who we are and what we have to offer both inside and out. To help get to this point, proper and standard grooming is something that should be incorporated into your everyday routine. A lot of these should be things that you’re already used to doing, but maybe your opinion on something will change after reading this. Either way, incorporating these simple grooming tips will not only help you feel better as an individual, but will repeatedly remind you that you are indeed putting your best foot forward.

Don’t cheap out on hair products.
You only get one head of hair, so make it count. Having a couple of appropriate (for you) and good-quality hair products will not only give a polished appearance, but keep your hair healthy and happy. Make sure to have a good shampoo, condition, hair brush and whichever styling products you enjoy most: wax, pomade, gel, cream, etc. The choice is yours – just make it count.

Skincare is not just for women.
Contrary to popular belief, moisturizing and skincare in general is not just for women. So, you need to stop “washing your face” with water or the leftover soap in your shower because it’s not doing you any favors. If you’re not a “steps” type of man, a cleanser, moisturizer and SPF (discussed below) will help in the overall appearance and health of your skin – which is better in the long run.  

Please, maintain the hair on your body.
GROOMING 101. Maintain the hair on your body. Trim your beard (if you have one), keep a clean-shaved face, tame your back and chest hair, frequently keep an eye on your eyebrows, ear and nose hairs. And PLEASE, please pay close attention to the growth and maintenance down below on your body as well. In doing so, you will not only feel a thousand times better about how you present yourself, but you’re keeping yourself clean and practicing proper hygiene. The more hair we have (that isn’t maintained), the more bacteria, smells and environmental factors from everyday life around us build up. It’s not cute, it doesn’t make for a good smell (or look), and if you’re looking to land (or keep) a lady, it’s not going to help your case. Trust us.

If you’re attending an event – get yourself in order.
If you’re attending a formal event (like a gala, fundraiser, etc.), or you’re in an event (such as a wedding) – get yourself in order. This will require planning ahead, but in order to successfully appear put together certain steps need to be taken. Make sure that you’re fully groomed and trimmed, your hair is clean and styled to preference, your suit or tux is pressed without wrinkles or stains, your socks match, your tie is properly tied (peep our “How to Tie a Tie blog”), you’re wearing deodorant and cologne, etc. Remember that you’re presenting yourself in front of other people, and let’s be honest, people can be shallow. But every man should want to look and feel confident and a part of that has to do with the way he presents himself both internally and physically.

Don’t ignore your hands & feet.
Our hands and feet can be body parts that we sometimes forget or just don’t pay enough attention to. A lot of women will go to the nail salon and regularly keep up with it which allows their hands and feel to look polished and presentable. But, not all men feel comfortable or have the time to do that (which is totally fine). Having said that, it is NOT a free pass into gross-ville for your hands and feet. Keep up with clipping both your nails and toenails as well as cleaning underneath them. And always, don’t forget to Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize!

Cologne – don’t overdo it and make it count.
Think of this as your signature scent. A specific smell that people will associate with you. So, it’s important to choose wisely when finding your signature scent. It’s also important to not overdo it. When it comes to scents and smells, especially cologne, a little goes a long way.

SPF is your friend.
As much as we all think we’re immune to aging or sun damage, we’re not. It’s real, and it’s coming for you. Whether we’re at an event, spending the day outside or by water, and even just driving in your car. Invest in a good SPF. Maybe double up and get a good moisturizer with SPF in it. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did when all of your friends look 65 when they’re in their 50s and you’re still cruising at a hard age of 40.

See your barber between every 3 – 6 weeks. 
Apart of general grooming is getting a haircut and keeping facial hair intact. Being as men’s hair generally grows at a quicker pace than women, keeping up with it is all a part of the routine. Making an appointment between every 3 to 6 weeks (depending on your hair length, hair growth and personal preferences) will not only help to keep you on a schedule, but guarantee that clean-cut look you’re going for.

Don’t forget to floss.
This one is kind of self-explanatory, so we won’t go into extreme detail. So just get a good toothbrush, brush your teeth, and remember to floss.

Don’t be afraid of going to a dry cleaner
Okay listen, if you’re going to be spending money on high-quality garments, such as a suit, tuxedo, dress shirts, etc. They should be taken care of properly. Read the instructions, learn how to iron out wrinkles and don’t be afraid to go to a dry cleaner. Part of being an adult and proper gentleman is taking care of our things and keeping them in good condition.