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The Gentleman Way


There’s something to be said about the behavior of men these days. From swiping left and right daily, to sending that 2 am “you up?” text (we know things). But, just because that’s how things in today’s world is, doesn’t mean that you can’t be the one to bring back the gentleman way.

Being a true gentleman is learned behavior. It’s a skill that helps a man to feel confident and self-assured; while it showcases to everyone else that he is someone they should know, engage with and learn from. That being said, it is something that also takes self-awareness, manners and the drive to want to grow as an individual.

So, welcome to your crash course in how to do things ‘The Gentleman Way.’ For one to truly call himself a gentleman there are certain standards (or guidelines) that a man must follow and understand. We have decided to break down a few of the most important things to nail in order to successfully live your life the gentleman way…

Know how to order a drink:
This is something every man should know how to do. Confidently speak to the bartender and confidently know how to order his drink. Being able to ask your bartender for a Manhattan, glass of Bourbon or Old Fashion is something that should be on every gentleman’s list. Know the difference between ordering your drink “neat” or “on the rocks” and always have a few options in mind so that you’re prepared when ordering. 10/10 women will say this is not only impressive, but sexy.

Chivalry is NOT dead:
A true gentleman is nothing short of chivalrous. This meaning that he opens doors (both car and generally) for not just his significant other or date, but everyone. That when he is with a date, he will walk closest to the curb on the sidewalk. And a chivalrous man will always offer up his coat or jacket.

Anything worth having is worth working hard for:
Gentlemen know and understand that anything worth having is worth (fighting) or working hard for. They know that in order to get that job, promotion, raise, etc. they need to prove themselves. In order to land the girl, they need to prove that they’re worthy of landing the girl. They take constructive criticism, they envision what it is they want and they go for it. No excuses and no complaints.

Confidence vs. Cocky:
There is a fine line with this one, and a gentleman knows when he is about to cross it. Being confident is how you present yourself. It’s how you want your peers and those around you to view you. Being confident is about the way you walk, talk, dress and act. Being cocky on the other-hand, is taking that confidence a bit too far and becoming entitled. It’s not as much as portraying the confidence in who you are as a man, but believing it without the projection.

“Says what he means, and means what he says”
Chances are that you have heard this saying before, but it’s definitely something that a gentleman abides by. A gentleman will always say exactly what he means and means what he says. He won’t beat around the bush, go back on his word, or speak in circles leaving you to figure out exactly what he means on your own. He is clear and concise when speaking.

He has manners:
This one seems a bit silly, but it’s on here for a reason (and that reason is men sometimes forget the simplest of things). Maintaining simple manners, such as: having a firm handshake, making eye contact when speaking or being spoken to, being polite when speaking to others, offering up his seat to others in effort to stand, maintaining a grooming regime, etc. These things (again) seem pretty self-explanatory, but can quickly be dismissed or forgotten.

A gentleman is timely. He is punctual. He understands that he is not the center of the universe and that people have other things to do, and he is courteous and respectful of that.

These standards are something that every gentleman not only abides by, but lives up to. He understands and has implemented them into his life to become second nature. He is not perfect by any means (no one is), but he is someone that is a great role model to others looking to live life the gentleman way.