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The Breakdown: Sizing & Fit

When it comes to sizing and fit, regardless of what we are wearing, most of us are almost always going to have some questions. For some reason, when it comes to formalwear or business style people seem to feel overwhelmed.

Well, we’re here to tell (and show) you that it doesn’t have to be that way! Finding the correct sizing and fit is obviously going to be specific to each individual, but once you find what works for you the possibilities are endless. When dressing up (and even wearing clothes in general) there are a few things to remember.

  1. If you look good, you feel good.
  2. It’s all about what YOU like. Individual style and preference is
  3. What works for you might not work for the guy next to you, but don’t worry about him.
  4. Own the tux. Own the suit. Own the room.

First things first, let’s discuss one of the most sought out questions when it comes to finding the right fit in a tux, suit and shirt…

Modern Fit vs. Slim Fit
Tale as old as time – or I guess we should say question as old as time… which fit is right for me? Well, the answer is a little tough as there really isn’t one. When it comes to fit, it really comes down to preference. Just like each man is different, each suit or tux is different too. You’ll know you found the right fit when you feel comfortable, confident and like what you see.

If that wasn’t enough guidance, here’s a little breakdown of the difference between modern fit and slim fit.

Modern Fit: Previously known as “classic fit,” modern fit is the standard when it comes to suits. It works well on all body types, comes in endless varieties of styles, colors, fabrics, etc. Through the years the modern fit as molded into a more straight-forward and fitted look to appeal to the average male. It’s a true staple piece, and every man should have at least one of in his closet.

Slim Fit: Over the last few years, the slim fit has become increasingly popular. Not just in suits and tuxedos, but in jeans and pants as well! Slim fit is a perfect option for men with a thinner frame. The cut is a lot closer to the body and the arms and legs are a bit narrower than those in a modern fitted suit. Slim fit is great for the stylish man looking to make a statement.

For more detailed information, check out our “Fit Guide” where we breakdown more specific sizing and fit information regarding each piece of a suited look. But, while you’re here, we also wanted to share just a few of our favorite tips and hopefully answers to common questions that involve sizing and fit.

  • When wearing a jacket, watch out for the shoulder pads. They should lie completely flat against your shoulder. If not, you might have the wrong sizing.
  • When wearing a dress shirt, the sleeves should be long enough to peak through your jacket sleeve and rest comfortably at your wrist.
  • Your neck size does correlate to the size of the shirt. The lower the neck size, the smaller fit of the shirt, and vice versa.
  • A good way to tell if you’re wearing the correct pants size is if the break of your pants rests nicely at the top of your shoes.

Basically, what we’re saying here, is that when all items within a suited look are combined, everything should fit well and lay nicely together. If there is bunching, tightness or you feel like you’re swimming in a specific piece of the ensemble, then something is off!