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Quadruple Your Fashion Options


If you have been following us for a while, you'll know just how much we love a good accessory. One of our favorite accessories just so happens to be a pocket square. Pocket squares are a fun, trendy and simple way to add a pop of color to enhance any formal wear outfit.

Just when you think that pocket squares couldn't get better, Black Tie has added a new fashion-forward take on a classic pocket square. Introducing the "Quad Pocket Squares." These quad pocket squares are made from a luxurious silk and cotton blend that adds a simplistic and elegant touch to any suited ensemble. The uniqueness of these pocket squares are the quad design. Each pocket square is a combination of four colors that compliment one another and lend some options for styling.

The fact that there are four colors within one pocket square lends the ability to get a four for the price of one pocket square! Because each quad contains a different color, you are able to fold and style however you wish. A while ago we posted a blog that gave step-by-step instructions on different ways to fold a pocket square. So, whether it's black silk and cotton blend quad pocket square or a pink quad pocket square - the possibilities to show off your unique style and complement your outfit are endless!