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Product Spotlight: Neckwear Edition

Every now and then certain things make us really excited… spotlighting products is one of them.

Sharing new additions, collections and options for BLACKTIE is something that we pride ourselves on. Keeping it trendy, stylish and always of high-quality.

This time around, we’re talking neckwear. An accessory that can complete and compliment an entire outfit by just selecting something that shows off your suited look. Below, we talk about a few of our favorite collections that make will make a statement, add some color and definitely some style to any tuxedo or suited look.

Silk Knit (Neckties & Bow Ties)
The Silk Knit collections offer a chance to switch things up for a suited look. Coming in both bow ties and neckties, these 100% silk- knitted babies are nothing short of sophisticated. The texture of the silk within the bow tie makes this option a touch more stylish than something solid without texture, but still appropriate. Coming in some stand-out colors like: Army Green, black, and rose it’s hard to not find every excuse to wear it with!

Laurent (Neckties & Bow Ties in both Regular and Skinny)
Shh... okay don’t the others about this, but if we HAD to pick a favorite neckwear collection the Laurent would be it – hands down. These show-stoppers are made from an Italian Blend to create a texture woven look. Available in neckties, as well as bow ties in both regular and skinny versions, the Laurent collection is the definition of chic and stylish. Options in various colors with hints of multiple colors and some shimmer just make them that much more of a fashion-forward neckwear option.

Leather (Dollar & “Nappa” – Bow Ties)
These leathered lookers are definitely great options for someone looking to make a statement and that likes to play around with their style. The Dollar Leather bow ties are solid with a textured type print on it that will give any outfit a great pop of color. The “Nappa” collection is a subtler bow tie with a simple solid design with a knot in the center of the bow tie. Some of the colors, such as black have some detail like an animal print or blend of colors that give the bow tie some extra pizazz. Both the Dollar Leather and Nappa collections were made with care and craftsmanship from professionals in Como Italy, home of some of the most luxurious and stylish fashion.