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HOH - Heal Our Heroes

If you're a fan of the Bravo Network, then the man below might be familiar to you. If you're familiar with the show Summer House, then the man below should definitely be familiar to you! If he is not, let us introduce you - because what he is doing it remarkable! 

Recently we reached out to Everett Weston (one of the founders of HOH- Heal Our Heroes) about having him participate in our "Influencer Program" and the timing had to of been kismet because it was just in time for his big 5th Annual "Heal Our Heroes Gala" for 2018. (It should be noted that this year's event ended up being a massive success with over 500 guests in attendance, they were able to raise over $130K! Simply incredible if you as us!) 

HOH (Heal Our Heroes) is a wonderful organization that's mission is to end veteran suicide. It focuses on raising awareness to veterans and civilians that it is okay to ask for help is struggling. Finding ways to transition back to their prior lives or what they have known once serving is completely changes and thus can lead to difficulty, anxiety and depression. It is HOH's goal to raise money to offer these men and women the support that they need when needed. For them to have someone to speak with, to help guide them, and feel safe. 

When we originally learned about this foundation on Summer House, and then Everett mentioned the Gala was coming up, we were thrilled to be able to gift him with a "Milan" Navy Tuxedo and all of the accessories to create the perfect "James Bond" inspired attire for his event. 

Heal Our Heroes is an incredible foundation that serves a really important awareness that is sometimes taboo or difficult to talk about in today's society. What they are doing, what they believe in and how they operate is held to the upmost standards of their organization and service to those vets that are in need. We love Everett and we love what he is doing even more and we think you should too! 

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