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Because Everybody Has A Little 'Party' In Them

Listen, we know it's "only October," but if you think about it, the Holiday season is coming up before the blink of an eye. 

And with the holiday season comes a ton of parties and festivities that most of us pretend to dread prior and then end up having the time of our lives once actually there (you know it's true). 

One of the great things about the holiday season and attending all of these events is dressing up! In-between the Halloween Costumes and Ugly Sweater parties, there are elegant dinner parties, New Years Eve Bashes and basically anything else you can come up with to throw a party. 

Because of this, living a little on the edge with your fashion choices is not only completely okay, but pretty much expected. 

And with that intro... we introduce you to our latest "Party Wear" Collection. This collection features jackets that were exclusively designed for BLACKTIE by designer, Xander Xiao. 

There are three unique jackets offered in this Xander Xiao collection:

"Amsterdam" Tuxedo Jacket  (Shown in Silver)
"Monte Carlo" Tuxedo Jacket (Shown in Black) 
and "Havana" Tuxedo Jacket (Shown in Light Ivory)

Whether you stick to a classic color, like the three above, or really go for it with a pop of color like the "Amsterdam" Gold Tuxedo Jacket, all of these jacket options basically scream "I'm ready to PARTY"! And honestly, what more could you ask for? 


*NOTE: All Xander Xiao jackets will be arriving and in stock the first week of December 2018! So, keep an eye out.