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7 Gift Ideas Your Groomsmen Will Love

If you've been keeping up with our blogs at all, you'll know that we speak a bit about the duties of being a groomsman and how to be the best groomsman possible for your best pal. But, this time, this blog is for the groom himself.

You have your guys, they all said yes, and they have been by your side every day leading up to your wedding and even before. What do you do to show your appreciation? A groomsmen's gift of course. Yes, the bridesmaids get their gift and their usually cute and sentimental and absolutely perfect. But these are your boys, your best men, what items would make the perfect gift that is not only special and unique to them, but memorable for all?

We've rounded up 7 gift ideas that we think your men will truly love and be thankful for. So, let's get to it!


What man can resist a bottle of their favorite whisky? The personalized bottle of whiskey with a personalized glass doesn't hurt either. This is such a cool idea and can even be switched up to each groomsmen's specific favorite beverage! 

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Taking a nod from the whisky and glasses is another fan favorite. A monogrammed flask. Men love their flasks and gifting one is honestly the perfect thing for them to carry around with them for the night and for nights to come. These flasks are special because they're stamped with their name and maybe even your wedding date making them flasks that are apart of a special club and therefore irreplaceable.

Monogrammed stainless steel flask can be found at The Knot Shop.


It wouldn't be a groomsmen gift if the classic engraved, monogrammed or however you want to do it cigar box stacked with your favorite cigars wasn't on it. Cigars are a sentiment that traces back so many years as something that is smoked at celebratory moments and helping making memories. Your wedding should be no different. Sit back, take a breather and have a cigar with your groomsmen and it will be one of the most cherished moments you spend together. Trust us on that.

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Everything your groomsman could ever need (or want) all wrapped up in one perfect box or gift set. This is your moment to get a little creative because after all, you know your friends best. Groomsmen boxes can contain everything from personalized glasses or tumbler's to alcohol, cigars, neckties, socks and even a engraved tie bar! It's the gift that keeps on giving if you ask us.

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Tacking on to our last gift box suggestion comes just one item that you can either add to another part of your gift, or just keep it simple on its own. The classic tie bar accessory. And even better, (you guessed it) and engraved tie bar! This is special because tie bar's are something men wear frequently for work and other events, etc. So, having one that is individual and personalized just for them instantly brings their tie bar game to a whole new level.

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Personalized and or embroidered seems to be the way to go when it comes to giving a gift that's memorable, unique and useful. These monogramed leather toiletry bags are not only perfect for the day of but great for future travel for your best guys.

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So it should come as no surprise that subscription boxes are all the rage. They're convenient, packed with surprises and honestly just a good time. Gifting your groomsmen with a subscription to a box of either yours or their choice is such a cool and unique groomsmen gift! Some of the most popular include Dollar Shave Club, Man Crates, Craft Beer Club and more! 

Check out this list of the best subscription boxes for men.