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6 of Our Favorite Prom Themes

Prom night. Pretty much the biggest night of a teenager’s life. The anticipation of waiting to be asked, the “promposal,” finding the right dress or suit, matching said suit to your dates dress – and all of that happens before you even get to the actual prom!

Prom is one of the most exciting nights that young adults can attend. It’s a tradition that is kind of a beginning to an end. Whether you’re attending junior or senior prom (or maybe you’re attending both, look at you) the experience is something that high schoolers really look forward too.

Prom is about making memories. Planning with your friends, where you will have pictures before, what kind of transportation you’ll take (party bus, limo, trolley, etc.), where you’ll go after prom and so on and so forth. All of these events surrounding prom are what add to the fun of it. It’s all about spending time with your friends, dancing and laughing the night away.

Another major part that surrounds the happy memories of prom is the theme of the actual prom. Yes, there are themes. The chosen theme of the prom can completely change or influence the dress code, the decorations and even the location! There have been some really creative prom themes that any teenager would be lucky to experience.

Here are out top 6 favorite prom themes that we feel really break the mold on making a lasting memory:

Masquerade Ball
The whole idea of masquerade in general is pretty cool. It’s kind of a simple idea, but the addition of the masks and enchanting atmosphere really brings through a sense of mystery and excitement.

Hollywood Glam
Okay, whether we want to admit it or not (here’s look at you boys that are too cool for school), who doesn’t want to feel like Hollywood Royalty for one night? To walk into prom on a red carpet with flashing photography all around you is probably one of the coolest experiences to date. With all of the glamorous decorations, the Hollywood Glam prom theme is definitely the definition of go big, or go home.

Great Gatsby
Chances are that most high schoolers have either read this book or have seen the movie at some point or another. The classic story and theme takes guests back to the 20s with extravagant dresses and primp tuxedos. Plus, it’s kind of difficult to not feel chic and sophisticated with accents of feathers and gold all around you.

A Night in Paris
Romance is always a win when it comes to themes. Subtle hints of rose petals and fairy lights, being able to take a picture in front of the “Eiffel Tower,” honestly being able to escape to a night in Paris is kind of a dream come true for most.

Casino Theme
The sound of slot machines, playing “black jack” or “poker” at designated tables. The excitement and thrill of walking into a Casino themed prom is nothing short of memorable. Bright colors, card dealers in uniforms, loud and upbeat music – everything about this theme automatically calls for an amazing evening.

Under the Sea
Another classic theme when it comes to dances is “Under the Sea.” Walking into the venue feeling like you’re walking under water with bright blues and waves crashing and soft lights. Call us cheesy, but there will always be something magical about this fun and timeless theme.