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5 Tips to Own the Title of "Groomsman"

Men that have never been to a wedding, will be attending a wedding, or are involved in a wedding party, this one is for you.

Chances are that at some point in your life, you will have groomsmen at your wedding, be a groomsman yourself, or witness groomsmen in action. Taking on the title of “groomsman” can be a little intimidating if never conquered before. Think about it, someone close to you is choosing you out of all of their friends and family to stand by them on one of the biggest days of their lives… no pressure.

But in all seriousness, just because you have never been a groomsman before doesn’t mean you can’t completely crush the job. So, because we want you to OWN THE GROOMSMAN title, we have complied some foolproof tips that will essentially make you ‘Most Wanted Groomsman of the Year.’

  1. Support Your Bro:
    Listen, he’s only to (hopefully) get married once and the fact that he’s including you is pretty special, so support him. Things are almost always going to get a little intense. So, be around to make him laugh, get him a beer, or anything else he may need. Just being there for him in those hectic moments shows that you not only care but are prepared to step up when needed. Which brings us to number 2…
  2. Step Up & Be There:
    There’s a lot of planning, and pre-events that happen all before the big event. So, offer up your help, advice and assistance to the bride and groom – even if it’s doing something small, it will be a major help to them. And remember those pre-wedding events and planning we mentioned before: bachelor party planning, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, the actual wedding, reception, etc. Plan accordingly to assure that you’re there on time and ready for anything. You’re not in college anymore, so rolling into the room 20 minutes late isn’t a good look.
  3. Be Prepared:
    Like we said, there’s a lot of planning; and as groomsman you might be given several tasks to complete… so being prepared is key. This means: plan the bachelor party in advanced, make sure you have everything you need to wear well before the day of the wedding (suit, tux, accessories, ) and most importantly, if you are asked to make a speech at the wedding, DO. NOT. WING. IT! Take the time to sit down and write something nice, funny and supportive to your friend on his big day. Trust us on this one.
  4. Keep the Ship in Order:
    Within a group of guys there’s likely one that takes the reigns and keeps the rest of the crew in order. So, why can’t it be you? Simple things like keeping everyone on schedule, planning transportation, making sure everyone has their outfits, and even planning a little special group gift (or performance if you’re not afraid to dance it out) for the groom from you and the guys mean way more than you will most likely ever realize.
  5. Party It Up:
    Look, at the end of the day, your friend is getting married. So, dance it out, drink responsibly and enjoy celebrating together. All the events, get-togethers, chats, trips, and then the actual wedding are moments that you get to spend with your buddies reminiscing on old memories while making new ones. And that is priceless.

There you have it. Five simple tips that will without a doubt make you a legendary groomsman.