Inventory Alert: Getting Married in 2022?


UPDATE Notification: 8/1/19

Attention: Brides & Grooms

We are so pleased that customers love BLACKTIE products; however, products are selling way faster than we anticipated! As soon as a new large shipment arrives, items are selling out within a few weeks (sometimes even days). We are continually placing new orders with our overseas suppliers in efforts to keep up with demand.

As of today, 8/1/19, our inventory in most styles is good (except for our Heather Grey & Steel Grey Collection). The Heather Grey & Steel Grey shipment (along with additional fill-ins for all other styles is scheduled to arrive on or before 9/27/19).

Wedding Before September 27th, 2019?
If your wedding is before September 27th, 2019 and you haven't already ordered your suits or tuxedos, I wanted to inform you that you may not want to select certain BLACKTIE tuxedos or suits (especially the Heather Grey & Steel Grey suits) for you and your wedding party. More specifically, we are out of stock in several sizes in the following jackets/pants/vests:

    - Heather Grey Madison Jacket & Heather Grey Bradley Pants
    - Steel Grey Madison Jacket & Steel Grey Bradley Pants

Next Shipment Scheduled Arrivals:
In efforts to keep up with demand, we have placed multiple large orders with the production lines. For reference, here is our next scheduled delivery date:

- September 27th , 2019

Obviously, we don't like turning away business, but we want to be transparent and let brides & grooms know that certain styles/sizes are becoming sold out very quickly. For this reason, if your wedding is before September 27th AND you are considering heather grey or steel grey suits/tuxedos, we don't think you should book your wedding party with BLACKTIE because we may not have all the sizes you need for your wedding party in heather grey or steel grey.

If you have any questions about inventory in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our shipping container arrived in the United States (New York) on September 19th. However, our cargo is currently being held by US Customs. US Customs does random checks on containers. Unfortunately, our container was randomly chosen for additional inspections. We've been calling our Import Rep every day requesting updates. The best answer he can give is its on the US Customs time schedule and we have to wait for them to do the inspection. We are patiently (frustratingly, but patiently) waiting for US Customs to do the inspection and release our container. Once released, we should then be able to receive the container in our warehouse shortly after.

[Copied-and-pasted more recent screenshot below)