INVENTORY ALERT: Getting Married Before July, 2019? (click here)


Attention: Brides & Grooms

Wedding After July 15, 2019?
If your wedding is mid-July 2019 or after, you do not have to be concerned about this LOW STOCK INVENTORY ALERT because we have another large inventory shipment arriving in our warehouse by the end of June 2019.

Wedding Before July 15, 2019?
However, if your wedding is before July 2019, I wanted to inform you that you may not want to select certain BLACKTIE tuxedos or suits for you and your wedding party. More specifically, we are out of stock in certain sizes in the following jackets/pants:

    - Black
    - Midnight Navy
    - Steel Grey

Obviously, we don't like turning away business, but we want to be transparent and let brides & grooms know that certain styles/sizes are becoming sold out very quickly. For this reason, if your wedding is before July 15th AND you want black, midnight navy or steel grey suits/tuxedos, we don't think you should book your wedding party with BLACKTIE because we may not have all the sizes you need for your wedding party in those colors.

Inventory Is Good In Other Suit/Tux Colors:
NOTE: our inventory is still good in:

    - Sapphire Blue
    - Heather Grey
    - Tan
    - White
    - Ivory

However, once again, if you are considering black, midnight navy or steel grey, we are out-of-stock in various sizes in these colors.

Unfortunately, demand is outpacing our current supply ("bitter"). Wow! Customers have loved our products so much and word is spreading quickly! We are so, so, so appreciative that customers are pleased and love our products! ("sweet") ... On a positive note, we have our next large shipment coming in June and we already placed multiple replenishment shipments to help keep up with demand.

If you have any questions about inventory in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.