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UPDATE Notification: 9/27/19

Good News!  We have a new shipment scheduled to arrive any day now. For reference, we were expecting it by 9/27/19. However, the container is currently held up in US Customs due to a random inspection (see screenshot below).

If you have any questions about inventory in general, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our shipping container arrived in the United States (New York) on September 19th. However, our cargo is currently being held by US Customs. US Customs will randomly perform inspection checks on containers. Unfortunately, our container was randomly chosen for additional inspections. We've been calling our Import Rep each day requesting updates. The best answer he can give is its on the US Customs time schedule and we have to wait for them to do the inspection. We are patiently (frustratingly, but patiently) waiting for US Customs to do the inspection and release our container. Once released, we should then be able to receive the container in our warehouse shortly after.

[Copied-and-pasted more recent screenshot below)