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Who Owned The Room At The ACM's (2017)?

Last night, the best and most talented Country Music stars came out to celebrate. That’s right, The Academy of Country Music Awards, also known as the ACM Awards was in town on all our television sets to show us who was taking that signature “hat” trophy home. So in celebration, I thought nothing better than to break down who we thought not only brought their A game for their voices, but who showed up with the best look.

We claimed at the Oscar’s this year that the men stole the Fashionista light. It’s hard to say that at the ACM’s. Let’s face it, you don’t mess with these female Country stars. How can anyone ever forget Carrie Underwood’s famous Before He Cheats or Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder and Lead? I’m certainly not going to be one to say these amazing women were outshined. No way. By the way, who else was in awe over the debut of Tin Man?

Now that I’ve covered my tracks, I do want to point out some of my favorite looks this year. Suits, tuxedos…. Remember this is BLACK. TIE. And some of these guys really brought it…. Man, these cowboys can dress.

Kane Brown 


Let’s start with this newbie! The young music artist came out to celebrate his nomination for New Male Vocalist of the Year, and while he didn’t come out on top, his wardrobe choice sure did. Brown totally rocked this light grey tux with… wait for it…. blue suspenders and bow tie. What a look! Not only do we love seeing it from a young person – we also can’t help but point out that this was a great expression for Autism Awareness Day! This singer sure lit the night up blue.


Jake Owen 

Blue seems to be the theme this year. Did it have to do with the fact that this award night fell on the same day as Autism Awareness Day where we all wear blue to show our support and understanding? Maybe… but it also happens to be a fantastic color, especially on heartbreaker, Jake Owen. No wonder the girls go crazy over him. He totally owned this blue suit, with brown leather shoes to boot! (See what I did there?) With the addition of the white dress shirt, the Real Life artist really pulled off this casual wear making it his own!

Dustin Lynch 


This Small Town Boy singer was yet another artist who came out in fashion. Anytime we see not only a tuxedo, but one COMPLETE with a bowtie gets our vote! Let’s be honest, at music awards, it’s easy to come out in casual wear…. and while there’s nothing wrong with that, we love to see when our favorite artists go all out and stay with the old school, A-list fashion. And that’s exactly what Dustin Lynch did.


Tim McGraw 


It’s hard to talk about Country Music without at least bringing up Tim McGraw once, don’t you think? And let’s face it, he didn’t disappoint. From a spectacular performance with wife, Faith Hill, arriving in a handsomely tailored suit, and cheering for the return of the Backstreet Boys…. The Humble and Kind king stole the show with his CLASSIC black and white tuxedo. Adding in his signature black cowboy hat sealed this sharp look.


Thomas Rhett 


We couldn’t possibly get through this list without bringing up Thomas Rhett. Not only did he win Song of the Year, but the Die a Happy Man singer also went home as Male Vocalist of the Year! Let’s not stop there…. check out this look. I’m a big fan of the tailored black on black suit. With a black bowtie added into the mix, Rhett also takes home the best look of the evening in my book!


Backstreet Boys 

 I suppose I could leave them out of this list, but why would I? Singers Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, Howie Dorough, and Brian Litrell pulled out all our inner-teen popstar vibes with an explosion of the night! And they totally rocked it with style.

And there you have it. Stars, music, and to-die-for suits and tuxes! Thanks for tuning into my jabbering as I dissect men’s wear with my favorite music. And until next time, let’s close out this with my favorite quote of the evening:

“I don’t have a whole lot of words. Everyone in this category shaped the artist that I am… this is the most amazing award that I’ve ever received in my whole existence.” –Thomas Rhett