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These Men Are The Most Fashionable Of The Decade

Another decade behind us - another 10 years just poof, over! When looking back it's hard to remember just about all of the things that have happened over the past ten years that have brought us where we all are today.

There have been two Royal weddings and now there are four Royal babies, there have been hundreds of Olympic awards even more records broken. Boy bands making it then breaking it, ten winners of Survivor, twenty total bachelor and bachelorette's and so much more.

Over these ten years there is something else that has occurred, hundreds and hundreds of red carpet events. And at those events we have seen some of the best and the worst looks of the decade. Because not only do trends change within the season, but they have changed drastically over the past ten years. Over the past ten years of fashion trends we have seen mullets, all-denim ensembles, men wearing skinny jeans, suits being worn casually with t-shirts and sneakers, and blazers being styled with jeans.

Yes, it's been a crazy ten years of big changes and growth all-around! That's why we thought it was only appropriate that we honor five men that have transcended over the past decade to reach the top of the charts as the most fashionable men of the decade. On the list, includes three all-star legendary athletes and two record-breaking musicians. Each of them have not only grown throughout the past ten years in their careers, but their style has grown in incredible ways leading them to be some of the most fashionable men in the entertainment and athletic industries.

David Beckham - With being one of the biggest soccer (football) players in the world, being married to Posh Spice of the Spice Girls, and having four absolutely stunning children. It's no surprise that David Beckham is one of the most well-dressed men of the decade. Not only can he sport a soccer uniform and make it look regal, but the man looks just about as dapper as it can get in a decked out black tuxedo on the red carpet.

Harry Styles - From boy band superstar to professional rockstar and talented singer/songwriter, Harry Styles has come a long way. Over the past ten years he has literally transformed in front of our eyes. And not just in the music he creates since going solo, but in his complete and total style transformation. Harry has gone from laid back and trendy hipster to stylish and fashion-forward risk taker. The exciting part about watching Harry blossom is we're never really sure what we're going to get. Whether it's smooth crooner in a fitted black suit or shocking everyone in a bold and vibrant pink tuxedo jacket. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Harry Styles and we cannot wait to see what he does (and wears) over the next ten years. 

John Legend - What more could we possibly say about John Legend other than 'wow!' His name says it all! The man is a total legend. He is beyond talented, charming, funny and an all-around entertainer. And besides all of that he has top notch style. The man seriously can wear an average dress shirt and make it look glamorous. We love his sophisticated style with a touch of trendy - it's honestly one of our favorite things (besides everything else) about John, the legend!

LeBron James - They don't him King James for nothing! LeBron James is one of the biggest and most successful and talented NBA players that we have ever come across. The man has won championship after championship and has broken records. When LeBron is off the court, his style has progressed just as much to land him as one of the most fashionable men of the decade. One of the best parts about LeBron's style is that he isn't afraid to take risks. He can pull off just about anything from a tan suit with a t-shirt and sneakers to a black velvet tuxedo jacket. No shock he made the right, right?

Roger Federer - Undoubtedly one of the greatest athletes and tennis players of all time, Roger Federer is also one of the best dressed men of the decade. He soars on the court when it comes tennis matches and he slays off the court with his effortless elegant style. Roger is one classy man and his outfits reflect that. By wearing a nice navy suit jacket with a pair of slacks or jeans or showing off his stuff in a trendy grey suit, Roger absolutely knows what he is doing when it comes to fashion and of course tennis.