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The Most Influential People Of 2017 That Rocked The Look

When we thought we reached this season’s peak of the Red Carpet looks, we couldn’t have been more wrong. Don’t count out Time 100’s Gala – some of the best stars came out to celebrate. Let’s take a look!

It’s no secret I love to dissect the best black tie looks, and here you’ll find no different. I have to say, Time 100’s Gala is a bit different than all the other Red Carpet events. Yes, we have exceptionally talented people coming out in their best dress, but this event just feels different. Here, we not only have celebrities, but politicians, let’s correct that – world leaders – better, right? In addition, we have entertainers and artists. It’s quite the mix of influential icons crowding into one room to pay tribute to what we call, “the most influential people of 2017.”

So let’s pick out our best looks…. Suit style, as per usual. Sit back and let me do the talking.

John Legend

This Legend singer (Yeah, I did that) came out in the most traditional wear, which is a solid 10 in our book. At red carpet events, there’s no such thing as “too traditional.” He came out in a black tuxedo with satin lapels – he also opted for the Big Butterfly bowtie, all black, matching his classic tux look. The Grammy Award winner totally rocked this look, while performing his musical hit, Love Me Now. I’m pretty sure everyone loves you, John Legend…. no need to worry!


Riz Ahmed


This past winter, we were all talking about Rogue One – so it’s no wonder the Star Wars actor was seen in attendance at the Gala. He certainly was not a disappointment! His look, in fact, was certainly one of my very favorites! He wore a beige Prada suit with an… wait for it, metallic TIME 100 lapel pin. How can you not love this guy? The actor also went with a black shirt and tie, coordinating with the extravagant suit. He certainly has an eye for a show-stopping look, I’m just not sure a standard white shirt would have done it. Ahmed sure came out looking oh so very dapper! 

Ryan Reynolds


The A-list actor never disappoints. Ever. You can be seen either laughing at his excellent film choices (or crying), you can also be seen laughing through your tears at his phenomenally hilarious tweets about fatherhood! Either way, the Deadpool actor is quite possibly in the top ten for actors we all want to know! So, it’s no wonder he came out in celebration at the Gala. And of course, the once upon a time Two Guys and a Girl (who remembers that?!) showed up in class! He was nothing short of traditional, and remember what we have said about those classic, traditional looks – there’s no such thing as too much. Reynolds looked truly chic as he opted for a dark navy tuxedo with a matching black bow tie. Bravo!

These top three TIME 100 Honorees truly rocked their looks! Whether it’s a tuxedo or a suit, they really showed up. The event is a constant to be remembered, as we are not honoring a chilling movie, or a phenomenal soundtrack – while it takes GREAT talent to create such things – here, we have individuals who have truly made a difference in the world. There’s just something about this particular event that makes me more than happy to step in and take a look at these influential beings.

I’d like to close out, quoting TIME Editor, Nancy Gibbs herself – and for now, my depiction of the best fashion choices in suits is finished, but let’s remember why influence is special in today’s world :

"Influence had a cost, especially in tribal times when those seeking to divide us are not always interested in finding common ground or pursuing the common good. The reward is great as well for those who bring us together, as you show us every day in the businesses you lead, the movies you make, the songs you sing, and the books you write, the causes you champion, and the truths you live.” -Nancy Gibbs