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The Most Fashionable Fight

It goes without saying that if we were to mention the words “Fight Night” there is probably only one fight that entered your mind.

If you guessed what we were talking about was McGregor vs. Mayweather, then you would be correct. This fight was anticipated to be the biggest fight in years bringing in people from literally all over the world to witness the twenty-nine-year-old Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor take on “Mr. Money” himself, forty-year-old boxer, Floyd Mayweather.

To say that this was an event for years would be a huge understatement. With trash talk, promotions, weigh-ins, and some more trash talk, McGregor and Mayweather blessed all of us with a pretty entertaining match.

What could make this epic showdown even better, you ask? Well, obviously the flock of celebrities that took over Las Vegas to witness this historic event. So, it’s safe to say, that August 26, 2017, Las Vegas was one of the most popular and fashionable places to be.

So, let’s break some of the best ensembles we witness at this “black tie” fight event:

LeBron James
It’s only fitting that the greatest basketball player of all time (in popular opinion), is in attendance at the greatest fight of all time. LeBron James is an icon in general, I mean have you seen him play? But, he’s also complete fashion goals when it comes to dressing off the court. In LeBron style, he showed up to the McGregor- Mayweather fight looking incredibly stud-worthy and fierce. Wearing a form-fitting modern navy-blue suit, with black accessories in his tie, shoes and sunglasses, LeBron showed up nothing short of dapper LeBron.

Alex Pall (Chainsmokers)
Another massive (this time duo) in attendance, The Chainsmokers. If you don’t know who The Chainsmokers are, then chances are you’re Patrick Star and live under a rock. The EDM-Pop performers that consist of Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are probably one of the biggest performers in the world (that’s right, world) right now. Surprisingly for the musical cuties, they clean up quite nice. Alex Pall (pictured on the left) was ready to watch the match of the year looking polished and sophisticated in his dark navy printed suit with a casual black t-shirt and loafers for completion. This outfit looks all sorts of classic for such an epic showdown and Alex, we approve.

Conor McGregor
This wouldn’t be a complete blog without the discussion of the Irishman himself, Conor McGregor. Although, McGregor ultimately lost to Mayweather in the end, he for sure won in the fashion category. Through endless promotions and arrivals all the way up to fight night itself, McGregor looked and dressed the part of professional kicka**. The man may be a force to be reckoned with in the MMA world, but he also knows a good suit when he sees one, and for that, he’s a winner in our eyes.