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The 2019 SAG Award Winners - In Our Eyes

A new year means a new opportunity for, new attitudes. new experiences. new award shows and, of course, new fashion. If you have been following our blog posts for a while, you might have noticed that when it comes to award show style, we are all about it! 

The risks, the pops of colors and patterns, the designers - everything about red carpet fashion is as exciting as it is interesting. And along with the incredible performances that were acknowledged for this year SAG Awards, the style as well, did not disappoint. 

The SAG Awards, or Screen Actors Guild Awards is an award show that recognizes outstanding performances in both film and prime time television. These awards are special because they come from those in the SAG-AFTRA, which is a group within the entertainment industry from actors to radio hosts and more, that are deciding the winners in their respective categories. 

With that in mind, we watched, we were "wow'ed" and we have selected our favorite picks for best dressed: SAG AWARDS 2019 Edition. So, let's get too it, shall we? 

Chadwick Boseman 
The Black Panther himself made waves in 2018 as one of the break out Marvel Studio movies of the year. And since then, Chadwick has become a leading man on the screens, but the carpet too! His effortless style and ability to take risks almost always pays off due to his ease of confidence. Chadwick's look was trendy, stylish and of course, bold. His brown, gold and bronze jacket with leaf patterns reminded us of some of out party-wear jackets, especially the bold Xander Xiao jackets, like this "Havana" Black Tuxedo Jacket. Case in point... Chadwick Boseman is the man. 


Zachary Levi
When it comes to classics, class acts, and those that are included in the "simply the best" file - you bet you're going to find Zachary Levi at the top. Okay, so Chuck might be the greatest most underrated show of our generation, therefore causing a slight bias, however Zachary walked away with a SAG Award for "Ensemble in a Comedy Series," so we're clearly not the only one's that recognize his greatness. Like the true winner he is, Zachary killed it on the style front wearing a classic and timeless black tuxedo, like our "Milan" Black Tuxedo Jacket. He looked dapper, put together and like the happiest guy on the carpet!

Darren Criss
Walking away with a win for "Male Actor in a Miniseries or TV Movie" for his portrayal of Andrew Cunanan in "The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story" was the incredible Darren Criss. First off, if you have not watched this mini-series yet, go and watch it. It is thrilling, incredibly well-acted and so so sad. The entire cast did a superb job and Darren absolutely stole the show with his creepy and frankly insane performance. So, it should be no surprise that one of the constant winners through all of awards season nails it again with his look. His silver tuxedo jacket with a cool pattern was a winning selection. While his coordinating black pants, and velvet loafers helped tie the entire look together. Darren is a great example of how adding a little color or pattern can instantly enhance and transform any formal wear look to a real winner. 

Ricky Martin
If there is anyone that can pull of a bold look, such as a white tuxedo jacket, it is the one and only Ricky Martin. He looks sharp, he looks crisp and he honestly makes wearing a white jacket look like the next biggest fashion trend. Keeping this simple with a black bow tie, Ricky gives us the perfect representations of sometimes, going simple is the most effective. 


Well, that's it for us this round! We can't wait for the rest of award season to see what everyone has in store for us. Who were some of your favorite looks of the SAG Awards - and who were some of your favorite winners? We would love to discuss and hear what you think. Leave us a comment on Facebook, Tweet us or follow us on Instagram to let us know!