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SAG Awards 2018

The looks and awards just keep on coming! The SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards is a bit different than the rest awarding the best in the year’s best film and prime time TV shows.

A lot of really great and impactful movies and television shows were awarded to the wonderfully talented actors that portray these roles we all love to watch. It should be no surprise that with awards season fully in its prime, we’re always going to break down the fashion and pick some of our favorites of the night.

Sometimes for men, wearing a suit or tux can become repetitive, uneventful and difficult to find something that stands out. But, recently, this is all starting to change. There are so many subtle changes, patterns, styles and even colors that can completely transform a tuxedo look into something completely suave and show-stopping.

These four men (amongst others of course), are the men we think portrayed this revelation and new outlook on men’s formal wear and tuxedos at this year’s SAG Awards. With good style, also comes good rewards.

Niles Fitch 
If you spend your weeks sobbing in front of the television watching the hit show “This Is Us,” chances are you’re going to recognize this guy: Niles Fitch. Niles plays “Teenage Randall” on the show, but showed up to the SAG Awards looking grown up and incredibly dapper.  Navy blue tuxedos are becoming increasingly popular – and for good reason. They have the same amount of class and sophistication as a black tux does, with a bit of a stylish twist. Niles nailed it.

Matt Smith 
The Doctor (if you know, you know) was in…fashion-land at the SAG Awards. Matt Smith upgraded the classic black tuxedo look by wearing a black tuxedo jacket with a slight pattern on it and topping off the ensemble with velour loafers. The look is sleek, stylish and Matt totally owned the carpet in it!

Sam Rockwell 
Another Navy tux done right by actor Sam Rockwell. The black lapels with his matching black accessories really helped to pull the entire look together. There’s something about a well-fitted tux that can make anyone look regal and smooth.

Jason Bateman 
If you’re a person that generally enjoys movies and television, sarcasm and humor – then chances are you know and adore Jason Bateman as much as us. A true talent and class act, Jason looked phenomenal in his traditional, well-fitted black tuxedo. It’s hard to say anything more because his smile in this picture is distracting us.