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Men That Lit Up The Emmys (2018)

Well, Awards season has officially kicked off and the Emmys brought it in big last night. With host, Stephen Colbert the Emmys were actually enjoyable to watch! They were lighthearted, surprising and full of genuine appreciation.

The genuine support between some of the biggest stars in television radiated throughout the room which honestly just made it so much better to watch. There was such a variety of nominations from some really incredible and important shows and performances.

But, enough talk of the seriously awesome talent, and more talk of the serious awesome fashion, right? It’s pretty much expected that apart from the silly jokes and stunts at awards shows, the thing most of us look forward to is the fashion. What our favorite stars are wearing, who they’re wearing. If we love it or hate it, and how many times we count hearing “right off the runway” in our heads.

The Emmys being one of the more cheerful, fun and entertaining award shows to watch, it’s expected that the fashion would follow suit. The men, in lack for better terminology, looked F-I-N-E last night. They looked dapper, sophisticated and just simply handsome. When it comes to tuxedos, it seems that sometimes things can get plain or redundant compared to women and gowns. But, with increasing styles, patterns, colors and designs it’s giving the ability for stylists and men to branch out and change things up a little bit than the regular tuxedo. Which, in our opinion, makes an outfit a hit more than a miss more often than not.

So, let’s break it down. As mentioned, all of the men looked phenomenal at this year’s Emmys, but just like the winners and not winners (saying losers seems so harsh) living it up at the after party, we had some best dressed winning opinions of our own.

Donald Glover
Okay, so not only did Donald Glover win two (count them, one, count them, two), Emmys; he actually broke records while doing so. At first, we weren’t positive of the actual color of the tux while being shown on TV, but once we realized it was a deep and beautiful purple, we were sold. Donald’s effortless swag and charming demeanor definitely help him pull of such an alternative tuxedo color which makes his overall Gucci ensemble that much better.

Alexander Skarsgard 
Chances are if you’re Alexander Skarsgard, you’ll look good in just about anything. Proving just that when he arrived at the Emmys in a tailored and classic Ermengarde Zenga Black Tuxedo looking like perfection. His (winning) character performance in Big Little Lies was less than, admirable to many who watched the mini-series. But, Alexander will always win big time in our hearts.

Justin Hartley 
Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard of the show This Is Us. And, if you have, then you are probably also familiar with “The Big Three.” Well, apart of that big three is the handsome, talented and did we mention handsome? Justin Hartley. Justin turned heads while wearing a chic dark blue tuxedo that looked like was made for him. Dark blue tuxes have become more of a trend recently, and with good reasoning if men continue to show them off as good as Justin did.

Milo Ventimiglia  
Jess Mariano is no more! He has grown up, become the father of “The Big Three,” and completely stolen the show. Seriously, look at Milo Ventimiglia! He about as striking and charming as it gets. Arrive to the Emmys in a stunning Ralph Lauren tuxedo, Milo was without question one of (if not the) best dressed men to hit the red carpet. Little rebel heart-breaker, Jess is all grown up and it’s quite impressive.