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Listen Up! The 2018 Grammys Were Cool

Probably one of the sleekest, coolest and most expressive award shows of the season is the Grammys. Artists, producers, singers, groups, etc. of all genres gather around to celebrate and show just why their music is making a difference. It’s honestly, one of the coolest events filled with entertainment, laughs and of course, music.

This year’s Grammys did not disappoint. We mean, with James Corden as the host, how could it? With Queen Blue Ivy telling her parents to simmer the heck down, Elton John and Miley Cyrus singing together (yeah, on the same stage), and Bruno Mars sweeping all the awards up with his talented swag…we have to say, that we weren’t mad watching three full hours (not including the pre-shows and red-carpets) of it all.

Because the Grammys are all about creativity, music and celebration, it’s safe to say that you’re never really sure what you’re going to get when it comes to fashion choices. This award show gives opportunity to make a statement, take fashion risks, and sometimes make people question your sanity. Again, the Grammys are so cool.

So, here are a few things (and people) we noticed that took that opportunity and ran with it. Check out the slide show below for reference.

  • Residential Criminal minds hottie, Shemar Moore showed up to the red-carpet meaning business. With his pop of glitter and shimmer (which was seen sported by a few others as well), which is naturally Grammy appropriate.
  • Donald Glover (aka Childish Gambino – aka smoothest of the smooth) wore an all-white ensemble giving everyone the feels. And that was before he even performed!
  • Jay-Z wearing an all-black tuxedo look with no accessories and a black turtleneck. Unique, but honestly, he nailed it in only the way that Jay-Z could. We actually noticed a few turtlenecks popping up as shirt options under tuxedos – could this be the new winter go-to?
  • Sam Smith and Logic got a picture and our hearts warmed. Sam Smith was also one of a few to sport a green tux. Matched with his red shirt, he reminds us of Christmas (which is cool), but we might need more convincing on the green tuxedo trend?
  • Music sensation (and EDM babes) The Chainsmokers, which includes Alex Pall and Drew Taggart brought their moms as their dates (in unison…aww). Alex (left) rocked a black tux with white piping and all black accessories; which made him look dapper. Drew (right) not only sported a new hair-do, but also rocked a black-and-white ensemble, but switching it up a bit with a white jacket to go with his black pants, shirt and accessories. Color blocking for the win, Drew!

All in all, we were impressed and happy with this year’s Grammys. The entertainment was good, James Corden was the best, and the fashion was on another level. We can’t wait to see what the rest of awards season has in store for us! Who were some of your best-dressed celebs? Let us know on social media!

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