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Just A List Of Some Best Dressed TV Hosts

When it comes to some of the best dressed men in Hollywood, the first people that come to mind are without a doubt TV hosts. Whether the shows are daily or weekly, the hosts are always dressed to the nines in their suits and ready to entertain!

The list goes on and on and the trends have drastically changed throughout the years of hosts, but one thing is for sure is that they always look good. There have been hundreds of presenters or TV hosts, but we rounded up five of our favorites that take the cake when it comes to impressiveness, humor and of course, fashion.

Nick Cannon
Most recently known for being the host of 'The Masked Singer,' Nick Cannon is no stranger to taking center stage of television. From the old days on Nickelodeon, MTV's Wild 'n' Out, and America's Got Talent, it's no surprise that Nick can hold his own. The best thing about The Masked Singer (besides everything) is seeing all of the adventurous, fun and party wear that Nick sports every week. We never knew that many colorful and alternative tuxedos existed, but we're lucky enough to have Nick show us the way!


Jimmy Fallon
Long time talkshow host, actor and author Jimmy Fallon is a no brainer on this list. With his show airing every single night, it shows us just how many suit options and stylish neckwear combinations there are out there! Taking something so standard and blowing it up to become a nighttime fashion icon is one of our most favorite things about Jimmy.


Jimmy Kimmel
We can't have one Jimmy without the other! Jimmy Kimmel is next on our list and for sure at the top in terms of "glow up" in the TV hosts world. Being on TV night after night for years, Jimmy Kimmel is a prime example of following the menswear trends through the years and the progression of stylists that have helped dress him into the fashionable jokester that he is.


Chris Harrison
Five-hundred seasons later... okay, not five-hundred but it sure feels like it. Twenty-something seasons later and Chris Harrison is not only known as the king of roses, but as one of the best dressed hosts in TV history! There's something so powerful about a well-dressed man showing up during a rose ceremony and dramatically expressing that there is only one rose left to give. Is it his slim fit suits and charm that do the trick? Probably not, but we're going to pretend anyways.


Ryan Seacrest
The king of well... everything. Producer extraordinaire, TV host, radio host, fashion designer - the list goes on when it comes to Ryan Seacrest. Whether it's interviewing on the red carpet, reading dramatic results on American Idol or rubbing elbows with the Kardashians on the E! Network, one thing is for sure - Ryan Seacrest will never be dressed in anything less than the absolute best.