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Critics' Choice Awards 2020

Another amazing night of fun, fashion and of course, awards. The Critics' Choice Awards is one of the most fun of award show season as it acknowledges the best in movies and television from the past year! It's a great award show that is a little more on the adventurous side and allows for a lot more energy and charisma to shine through. 

We know this is only the second award show of the season, but we have a pretty strong feeling that the theme of this award season is going to point to a few things. One, men wearing velvet tuxedos; two, women wearing suits and tuxedos; and three, color. These are the trends we are most commonly seeing with just two red carpets under our belt for 2020, and we're not mad about it! We love when tradition meets trendy and the two come together to create some beautiful fashionable looks. 

The best dressed list wasn't as vast as some of the other award show's you might be used to seeing or us talking about, but that didn't mean it didn't pack a punch. Although our list only has three gentlemen that made a fashion-statement, they were some pretty epic fashion-statement's if we do say so ourselves. 

Christopher Abbott
Critics' Choice nominee, Christopher Abbott took the velvet tuxedo to an whole other level by sporting and entirely velvet look. Christopher's forest green velvet tux was a real show stopper and gave us a good reminder that although the weather in Hollywood might be a little brighter and warmer, forest green is the ultimate winter color. 


Milo Ventimiglia
Seeing Milo on a best dressed list is something we are all used to. With the excitement of 'This Is Us' still coming in strong, Milo is still at the top for many best dressed and best acting lists. At this year's Critics' Choice Awards, Milo did not disappoint. Sporting a velvet tan jacket with some classic black tuxedo pants. We love the look of a tan suit and feels like it's a great way to stand out in any crowd while still looking polished and dapper.


Sterling K. Brown
Another gentleman who is no stranger to a best dressed list, is Milo's on-screen son, Sterling K. Brown. There's some people who just have good fashion sense without really having to try; one of those people is definitely Sterling. How do we know? Well, who else could pull of an entire suited outfit in a bold color like burgundy? That's right, not many - but Sterling sure can! Whether it's a classic burgundy tuxedo jacket, burgundy pinto tuxedo jacket or a burgundy velvet jacket; we're pretty sure that Sterling could effortlessly pull of all of them.