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Brad Goreski: Stylist To The Stars

Whether it’s red carpets, movie premiers, product brand launches, etc. seeing what our favorite Hollywood A-listers are wearing is always entertaining. But, often we forget that they often have a team helping them look as regal as they do when the cameras start flashing.

One of those (if not the most important) members of the team, the fashion stylist of course. A fashion stylist is someone that selects the clothing and accessories needed for their clients, photoshoots, shows, interviews, etc. The outfit they choose sets the entire tone for the situation and ultimately the theme for the whole circumstance. Being a fashion stylist is a very overwhelming, never-ending but incredibly rewarding job for those that do it. Few truly have the talent to rise above the rest to gain respect from the industry and build an impressive client list from their talents. Brad Goreski is not one of those people.

Brad Goreski, or as we call him “stylist to the stars” has worked his way up from being on The Rachel Zoe Project to be one of the biggest names in the Hollywood styling game. Brad is a “host” on E! Networks Fashion Police, has earned the title as Exclusive Brand Stylist for Kate Spade, and has a brag-worthy client list featuring Hollywood Starlets, such as: Lea Michele, Jessica Alba, Kaley Cuoco, Jenna Dewan Tatum, just to name a few.

Although Brad styles some of the biggest stars and campaigns in the fashion and entertainment industry, we didn’t decide to highlight him for that. We chose to highlight Brad because the stylist to the stars himself has impeccable style! Whether he’s at an award show, fashion event, or even on Fashion Police, Brad is always dressed to the nines and showing his love for fashion through the outfits he chooses to wear.

His style can be described as bold, eclectic, trendy and fashion-forward. We have picked a few pictures below that highlight the versatility of Brad and the way he dresses really showcasing that fashion is a creative art. While at the Grammy’s, Brad was pictured wearing a silver tuxedo with black piping and solid black tuxedo pants. This look is common for Brad. Wearing a statement tuxedo jacket with a solid color pant and a little flare in the shoes. But, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t rock a traditional slim fit black tuxedo, because as also pictured below, he definitely does.

Something else we love about Brad, is the fashion statements he chooses to make. Whether he’s wearing bright colors, such as the pink blazer with a bright blue printed shirt; or he’s adding a pop of color, like the teal jacket pictured with an otherwise all-black ensemble. Brad showcases the flexibility of creating different outfits and styles with clothes you already own. Because of different stylists and fashion lovers (like Brad) making bold fashion choices, it is now considered (for example) “trendy” and “fashionable” to wear a tuxedo jacket with a t-shirt and ripped jeans. Gone are the days where wearing a tuxedo was only for formal or black-tie events. Instead, we welcome taking traditional pieces, like a tuxedo jacket and pairing it with a t-shirt and ripped jeans; or sporting dress pants with an open collared, bright colored dress shirt and showcasing your individual style. Brad has taught us that it’s okay to be bold, bright and stand-out with your fashion choices because you’re simply being you.