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Billboard Music Awards 2018

Music, fashion, stars and so much more is exactly what we witnessed when watching the 2018 Billboard Music Awards (BBMA’s).

The BBMA’s are one of the most fun award shows of the year because it represents some of our favorite artists, songs and performances all in one room! It’s like the ultimate concert of every genre smashed together and it is glorious.

We don’t know about you, but watching the red carpet for award shows is always entertaining and exciting, but for some reason watching the red carpet for a show like this is just on a whole other level. Maybe it’s because the vibe in general is more relaxed, or maybe it’s because it’s just about a celebration of good music and talent.

The performances are always fun to watch, but the fashion is even better! So, knowing us here at BLACKTIE, and how we thrive off of a good red carpet and picking our favorite looks from the night – we picked our top four looks that oozed style, charisma and frankly sever handsomeness (in no particular order… we’re all winners here).

The Breakdown:

Shawn Mendes
Maybe we’re biased because Shawn Mendes has the voice of one hundred angels, or maybe he just can’t do wrong on any level – the world will never know. But, Shawn Mendes won himself a spot on our best dressed list for the 2018 BBMA’s because only Shawn Mendes could look as chic and dapper in a grey suit with not one, but two shirts layered beneath. A black dress shirt, which he unbuttoned teasing us with a striped shirt under that! Although he must have been sweating like crazy in the California heat, they say beauty is pain, and boy did Shawn nail it.

Darren Criss
The charming and talented actor and singer, Darren Criss took his all black ensemble and amped it up to a thousand with those bright blue lapels on his tuxedo jacket. The all black look seemed to be a definite theme of the evening, and it honestly looks kind of awesome. But, who doesn’t love a good pop of color every now and then? The jacket helped to bring his tuxedo look to life while not being too over the top. Well, done Darren (on a side note, if you haven’t watched Darren’s impeccable work in “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” then what are you even doing?)

The EDM/DJ guru, Kygo showed us a different side of him when he hit the red carpet. We always find it really intriguing and awesome to see some of our favorite producers and EDM DJ’s when they’re out of the booth because it not only reminds us that they’re not robots, but that they actually have some style! Kygo proved that by looking sleek as anything in his traditional white tuxedo. With that slicked back hair and cheeky smile, we’re kind of upset with ourselves that we didn’t realize he was such a stud before!

Andy Cohen
The king of late night reality talk show hosts, Andy Cohen always has some fashion-forward style. He lived up to that statement by rocking a baby pink fitted suit with a navy t-shirt to round it out. The look is fashionable, casual yet completely trendy so we’re definitely a fan, Andy. Keep doing what you’re doing!