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Best Dressed: Oscars Edition (2018)

So, awards season is finally winding down with the most glamorous event of the year…The Academy Awards (aka Oscars). Although watching nearly four hours of this show can be grueling, it is only of the highest honors anyone in the film and entertainment industry can be recognized for.

Because this is the most glamorous event, it should be no surprise to anyone that the Red Carpet and Oscar weekend parties provide nothing short of some of the most extravagant and regal looks we have seen all season. From gorgeous ball gowns to proper tuxedo looks, the stylists and celebs really go all out for this event (which is always awesome for us viewers to see).

It should also be no surprise that when there’s a Red Carpet, there’s a best dressed list. Everyone has (and is entitled) to their own opinions, of course – but we really feel like in order to make it on the list, it has to be memorable, unique and fashion-forward.

Our top four this year are men that definitely made a statement in their performances, but also in their outfit choices. These men all represent something unique and individual that makes them truly one of a kind. They break boundaries and their talent was recognized, appreciated and respected by their peers. So, it was kind of an easy list to compile for us, because naturally the four biggest hits of the year would show up looking nothing short of spectacular.

Armie Hammer 
Armie seemed to be on the “velvet” trend at this year’s Oscars, which is something we noticed in a lot of men’s tuxedo looks. But, the deep burgundy color and all-velvet look instantly made this look memorable. We’re not entirely sure if this is a look everyone could pull off, but when Armie does it, it’s somehow spot on. We were a big fan of this look, so it got an Oscar Style Award from us!

Timothée Chalamet 
Breakout star (and co-actor to Armie Hammer in the successful film ‘Call Me by Your Name’), is Timothée Chalamet. At the shocking young age of 22, Timothée has sailed with his performance this year causing a frenzy and everyone to instantly adore him. So, with the massive year that he had, it was to our delight that he showed up in an all-white tuxedo look. Again, definitely specific and difficult to pull off successfully for some, but not for Timothée. He looks traditional, classic and just all around dapper. What an amazing first Oscars for him!

Chadwick Boseman 
Another breakout star and magical human is the Black Panther (we mean Chadwick Boseman). Although Black Panther wasn’t eligible for nominations (as it was just released in theaters), that does not change the fact that Chadwick showed up making himself instant #stylegoals. We love when people play with their individual style and experiment outfits to wear what they not only look good in, but feel good in. Chadwick sported a long black jacket with a gold embroidered pattern and chose to keep the rest of the look simple with a black shirt, pants and shoes. We think the jacket speaks volumes, so by him choosing to not add accessories was totally the right move. At the end of the day, is it a typical “formal Oscar” ensemble? No. But, it’s a memorable, stylish and classic outfit in only a way the Black Panther could pull off.

Kobe Bryant
First things first… KOBE BRYANT WON AN OSCAR! Like how? Is there seriously anything this guy can’t do? #MAMBA forever. Apart from putting a lot of actors to shame by winning a legitimate Oscar, Kobe (not shockingly) won in the fashion department too. His grey tuxedo had a stylistic touch with its coordinating black lapels, pocket flaps and stripe going down his pants. It was a tuxedo look that only a superstar could wear and look bomb in. Well done, Kobe. A true legend you are.