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Best Dressed Men Of The Year: 2019 Edition

Wow, we made it! A whole other year is just about behind us and what an eventful year it was. Smash hits on the radio, movies that broke records, Royal babies, new trends and of course, fashion. 

Speaking of fashion and style, it was a whirlwind of a year for trends. This year we saw a ton of 90s inspiration in everyday dress, women sported bike shorts with blazer, t-shirts and just about everything else you can imagine and bucket hats are back, people! It truly was a year packed of finding your individual style and personality and letting that shine.

Now, if you have been reading along on our blocks for a while, you'll notice we love a good "best of" list. Whether it's best dressed at the Grammy Awards, ESPY Awards or just because - we love crowning our personal favorites because we know you love doing it too! 

With that being said, we thought it was only right to round up our top 5 picks for best dressed men of the year. These men are trendsetters, style icons and frankly whether they're wearing a tuxedo jacket, suit or jeans and a t-shirt, they make it "fashion." So keep reading to see our pics for best dressed men of the year 2019 (in no particular order) and let us know who you think should be on the list!

1. Antoni Porowski
He may be the man in charge when it comes to the kitchen, but we're pretty sure Tan didn't need to elevate his wardrobe... it's Antoni Porowski! If you know anything about pop culture or dabble in Netflix, you might recognize this guy as one of the Fab 5 from Queer Eye. Typically Antoni helps others elevate their cooking skills in the kitchen, but he also looks incredibly good while doing so. Antoni is one of those style icons that can wear a navy suit with a t-shirt or a dress shirt with a leather jacket and it looks just about as chic as you can get. His style is trendy, adventurous and something we will continuously be looking for heading into the new year.

2. Chadwick Boseman
The Black Panther himself, Chadwick Boseman is one of those guys that is just effortlessly cool. Whether he's wearing party wear or a unique tuxedo jacket, Chadwick makes it look good. His style is a mixture of trendy and experimental with a dash of charm. It has been a wild year for Chadwick and we could not love seeing him in the spotlight more! He offers a sense of excitement when it comes to the red carpet because we just never know what we're going to get. Chadwick is a great reminder of how fun fashion and dressing up can be and we respect him so much for that.

3. Donald Glover
Whether you know him as Donald Glover or Childish Gambino; it's no surprise that actor, performer and director, Donald Glover has immense talent. Something else he has - an insanely good sense of style. Donald walks that fine line of exotic style and ground-breaking fashion. He can look incredibly dapper, decked out on the red carpet in a white tuxedo look or he can break molds and stand out in a vibrant patterned red tuxedo jacket. One of the best things about Donald wearing so many different hats in the entertainment industry is that we get to see him express his personal fashion taste in many different ways!

4. Rami Malek
It's no surprise that when they were looking for someone to portray the legendary Freddie Mercury they landed on the mysterious, coy and totally chill vibe that Rami Malek offers. Rami's fashion sense is about as modern day "millennial chic" that men can get - and that's what makes it so absolutely perfect. Rami can nail everything from the casual suit with sneakers look to the black tie formal tuxedo outfit. We have loved watching Rami's career take flight this year and watching Mr. Robot flourish into a leading rock star. We know that he will only go up from here in both his career and in his style.


5. Shawn Mendes 
Heartthrob of the decade, Shawn Mendes is the second Canadian to make the list of best dressed men of 2019. Apart from his charming smile and swoon-worthy voice, Shawn has had a breakthrough couple of years constantly finding himself at the top of the charts. This guy has been on tour nonstop for the past few years and still finds time to shine when he steps on a red carpet. Shawn's sense of chill, modern and form-fitted clothing shows us that men can embrace the quality of a nicely made and fitted suit. He also takes risks by adding pops of color elevating a simple suited look into something so much more. We know that Shawn is going to continue to soar in his career and we can't wait to watch him continue to grow!