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Best Dressed: Celebrity Couples Edition

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all love browsing a good fashion magazine or website from time to time. We not only like to read the hot gossip circling around Hollywood with some of our favorite celebs, but we like to see what they’re wearing. We like to see what’s trending and stylish in the fashion universe. It’s only human.

With as many people there are in Hollywood, there are celebrities that we specifically look for, admire, give inspiration, etc. These people (both men and women) are maybe known for their singing, dancing, acting, drama, athleticism, and so on and so forth. But, apart from their specific talents, they bring a sense of fashion and style to the forefront. They’re people we always look out for on red carpets, interviews and potentially spend countless hours scrolling through their Instagram page (no, just us? Cool).

But there’s one thing that makes these individuals even stronger – when they couple up with someone equally as entertaining, talented and fashionable. Ergo our list of three couples that (in our opinion) completely and totally represent what it means to be style icons. These couples have turned heads, created clothing lines and staple pieces, made names for themselves in the entertainment and fashion world, and have people of all ages looking to them when they need a little fashion inspiration.

The Beckhams.
It wouldn’t be a “best dressed” list if Victoria and David Beckham didn’t make an appearance. The Beckhams have been #relationshipgoals for as long as we can remember. But the thing about them (apart from their never-ending success) is the fact that as the years go on, they continue to become not only hotter as a couple, but more and more fashionable. Like seriously, the Beckhams are the definition of style, class and everything we someday hope to be. With Victoria’s increasingly growing fashion, accessories and beauty lines, and David being well, David Beckham - the supportive, loving and talented couple has and will always remain on all lists that include fashion, family and just pure admiration.Embed from Getty Images

Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl.
Style icon and the girl we all loved to not love on MTV’s less entertaining (sorry, Whit) step-sister show to The Hills, “The City” has really made herself a successful career. First, by landing a babe of a husband in German model, Johannes Huebl – and then basically building herself a fashion empire. The combination of the two has landed Olivia and Johannes on our list for best dressed celebrity couples because… look at them. Have you ever seen two good-looking people that make every single outfit they wear just look completely effortless? Because we have, and it’s these two. We don’t hear much about them unless they’re globetrotting from Fashion Week to Fashion Week, or making appearances here and there, but that’s also kind of why we love them. They make impact with their style and fashion-sense rather than in the media, and let us just say… it works.Embed from Getty Images

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend.
Again, this wouldn’t be a list (of any kind, frankly) if the legendary (no pun intended) Chrissy Teigen and John Legend didn’t make an appearance. These two are all things talented, entertaining, hysterical and fashionable. They not only make a statement every time they step on a red carpet, but just by being themselves. Plus, with baby Luna and another on the way, it’s kind of hard to not fawn over literally everything this family does. John always looks chic, cool and stylish; while Chrissy takes fashion risks that somehow only pan-out to look perfect on her. These two are just simply the best – no ifs, ands or buts about it! 
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