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Best Dressed: Bachelorette 2019 Edition

Welcome back to another season of riveting male drama. This season, pageant queen Hannah B is our leader and we have to say that her group of men are showing up in a big way!

We're about one episode in and we have to say, things can only get more dramatic from here! We're already hearing talks of guys "not being here for the right reasons," interruptions are happening left and right, and she already sent someone home night one because he had a girlfriend! All we have to say is, buckle up, folks. 

Night one is always one of our favorites, and not just because the guys bring out all the stops with their cheeky introductions to make a lasting impression - because we know the truth is the outfit is what makes the lasting impression. With that being said, we rounded up our top four best dressed men from the 2019  Bachelorette season! 

Sporting a clean cut and stylish grey suit, Garrett looked extremely handsome and well put together. You know our opinion on a grey suit... and that is you can never go wrong! Our favorite part? The pop of color with a pink necktie to really make a lasting impression. Nice work, Garrett! 


Connor S.
Next up is Connor S. This baby-faced, charming guy was one of the lucky five guys to meet Hannah a few months ago - so, how did he choose to top that intro? By jumping over the fence (sorry not sorry, Colton)! After we stopped laughing at the greatest introduction ever, we were even more impressed by the boldness of Connor S and his choice of outfit. A bold plum suit with a gingham opened collared dress shirt. The boldest part was Connor opting out of the traditional neckwear option and going with an open-neck collar. We have to say... we don't hate it! 


Keeping with the open-collar and neckwear-less theme, was Hunter. Sporting a beyond chic navy blue tuxedo landed Hunter right our best dressed list. Navy tuxedos and suits have become such a staple in men's closets and for good reason. They are extremely versatile and stylish but still showcase a professional and elegant overall appearance. 


Last but certainly not least is the real go-getter of first impressions. The stylish and fashion-statement making man of the season... Jed. The Nashville singer showed up in a black velvet tuxedo jacket, a black bow tie and a pleated tuxedo shirt to complete an updated take on a classic tuxedo look. We have to say, as first impressions go, going all the way is a sure fire win! Get it, Jed! 


If these well-dressed men have taught us anything, it's that owning your style and dressing to impress is always a great way to start a relationship.