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Best Dressed: 75th Golden

Awards season kicked off with the 75th Golden Globe Awards and the common denominator in wardrobe selections was the timeless look of black. In the large pool of Award Shows, the Golden Globes are easily the more relaxed, supportive and enjoyable ones to not only watch, but for the guests as well. With food and drinks being served, actors and actresses, directors and entertainment legends all mingling and enjoying one another’s company; the Golden Globes are all about respecting and rewarding craft.

One of the best things about Awards season being back is that awards fashion is back! Watching countless hours of red-carpet footage and discussions about tuxedos, dresses, styles, trends, etc. is filling our screens on both the television and internet. When it comes down to it, everyone is going to have an opinion on what everyone is wearing (celebrity or not). But, that’s what makes red-carpets and events (such as award shoes) so entertaining to watch. To see different trends, styles and takes on fashion.

This year’s Golden Globes was especially interesting with the clear choice of color being black for empowering reasons. But, seeing all of the different looks and outfits and how everyone chose to style their black ensembles was really exciting to see. As always, there were some people who completely nailed it, and others who still have time to step up their red-carpet game! So, with that, we bring to you our top picks (in no particular order) for “Best Dressed Men” at this year’s 75thGolden Globes. Although in all honesty, we didn’t really see anything that deserved to be on the “worst dressed” list.

Chris Hemsworth
Without even speaking in that glorious Australian accent, Chris Hemsworth is a total looker. One of the most handsome, talented and humble actors in Hollywood that we just completely adore. Chris opted for a Entro tuxedo with a black shirt that he opened a little for swooning affects. The tux was incredibly trendy and different from anything else on the carpet with its unique and fun paisley pattern, topped off with black velvet shoes (nailed it). His choice landed him as one of our favorites because with his charming smile and effortlessly cool personality, Chris just brings the tuxedo to life.

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Franco Brothers (James and Dave Franco)
We were lucky to get two for the price of one with this selection for “best dressed.” Looking dapper and happier than ever was the Franco Brothers: James Franco and Dave Franco. Dave sported a Saint Laurent tuxedo with sequined lapels that gave a unique sparkle and shimmer to his look; while big brother and Golden Globe winner, James went with a classic and chic velvet black tuxedo jacket. The brothers were all smiles and we were all about it!


Zac Efron
The ever talented, triple threat and beyond good-looking Zac Efron made us all gasp for a breath with his recent performance in the box office hit ‘The Greatest Showman.’ So, it’s no surprise he’s doing the same to our hearts (and eyes) by looking pretty close to perfect in his HUGO all black ensemble. Sorry, we just lose our focus and words when it comes to Zac.


Sterling K. Brown
The ultimate, deserving and history-making winner in the “Best Actor in a TV Drama Series” winner, Sterling K. Brown was not only a crowd favorite for his beloved character on This Is Us, but for his awesome tuxedo look as well. Looking effortlessly chic and polished in his velvet tuxedo jacket and perfectly straight bow-tie, Sterling set off awards season with a fashionable and history making bang!