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American Music Awards 2017

On Sunday evening, awards season finally came to a close for 2017 with the classic American Music Awards. A show that is always entertaining, fun and inspirational to watch. As we watched the two-hour Red-Carpet event, you know that we we’re eyeing everyone up and down just to see what they were wearing for this musically talent-filled night.

While watching, we learned some things. Musical talent definitely still exists, men are stepping up their game for award show style in the best way possible, and plaid is back in a big way. Here we narrowed it down to five men that oozed style, good looks and top-notch outfits.


Winners of the night, The Chainsmokers (which entails Drew Taggart (Right) and Alex Pall (Left)), showed up looking about as dapper as it gets. Their effortless cool vibes and polished ensembles definitely put them at the top of our best dressed look for the evening. Alex looked phenomenal in plaid (which was clearly a theme of the night), and Drew made us swoon in his fitted suit.


Niall Horan 
Okay, so we would be lying if we said that Niall hasn’t had a piece of our hearts since One Direction. But, now that he’s on his own, he’s blossomed into this smooth, charismatic and sexy man. Niall not only rocked his performance, but took home Best New Artist of the Year! We’re not saying that his plaid suit had anything to do with it, but we’re also not saying that it didn’t. Come on, how good does he look in it? Fashion goals.


Shawn Mendes
If Shawn Mendes is on our screen, there’s a 99.9% chance that you can find us fangirling hard. Shawn just radiates charm and appeal. His welcoming and coy personality for sure takes a back seat when his powerful vocals take the stage. Honestly, how could anyone not love this talented Canadian? Because Shawn is clearly perfect in our eyes, it’s no surprise that his outfit was not only on trend but super chic. Pairing his black jeans with a black collared shirt and a patterned blazer is a look we’ve not only been seeing a lot of lately, but loving too. It shows that there is so much more that a blazer, suit jacket or dinner jacket can do when it comes to creating different looks and still looking awesome. Thanks for proving our point, Shawn. We love you.


Patrick Schwarzenegger 
Would you look at that? Yet another plaid suit! Plaid was for sure the look of the evening, but we can’t complain because everyone that wore it…wore it right. Ergo, Patrick Schwarzenegger. A presenter for the evening, it’s clear that Patrick felt confident, cool and collected in his suit when he stepped on stage. The addition of the black turtleneck was a different and stylish approach that worked in his favor, because he looked like the ultimate gentleman.

So, the next time you’re thinking of heading to an award show, make sure you work on your cool and chill persona. Doing this not only adds to the outfit, but enhances it. Oh, and we suggest you invest in a killer plaid suit if you want to turn heads like these Hollywood babes.