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A Sparkling Grammy Night

On the day of the 2020 Grammys, we all experienced an extremely upsetting loss. One of the greatest athletes, men, fathers and humans - Kobe Bryant. But, despite this horrible loss, the Grammys continued on, trying as best as they could to raise spirits with something that connects us all... music.

There were breakthrough performances, tearful performances and all-around an incredible amount of talent that took the stage and showed us exactly what they can do. It was both a memorable and emotional night for many reasons.

One of our favorite things about the Grammys, besides the performances of course, is the fashion. The fashion at the Grammys is always so fun and different than any of the other award shows because it truly speaks to the creativity of the artists and their own personal style and uniqueness.

The women's looks were insane and so fun this year! We loved seeing the different styles and themes that people really went for - which can only be seen at the Grammys. The men brought it home too with some of the most fashionable and bold outfits we have seen in a long time! Below are some of our favorite looks of the night.

It doesn't get much cooler than Common. Rocking an all burgundy suited look, Common really nailed the naturally chic look. Our favorite part? The shiny black tuxedo shoes that really completed the look.


Shawn Mendes
Keeping up with the burgundy trend was Shawn Mendes. Shawn rocked a burgundy red jacket with coordinating pants and a red suit vest. The look was classic, charming and something that only Shawn Mendes could pull off that successfully.


The Jonas Brothers
The Jonas Brothers came back in 2019 and are off to incredible things in 2020. They are not only better than ever with the music they are putting out there, but also with age and of course style. They had a black and gold theme going on for the Grammys and we loved it. Nick's glittered out suit and all-gold ensemble was bold, but of course he pulled it off. And Kevin's fun printed tuxedo jacket showed off his rock 'n' roll style. We love the way they all showed off their individual style while coordinating and complementing each other perfectly.


Trevor Noah
It didn't get more prim, proper and stylish than Trevor Noah. The talk show host and comedian looked incredibly dapper in his champagne tuxedo jacket. We love that he went with a unique color and that he turned a trendy look into something completely timeless with his black tuxedo pants and black bow tie. As the Brits would say... "he looked absolutely smashing!"